Second Life

for some tins that would either been thrown away or convicted to spend the rest of their life in the cellar. But there’s hope at the end of the tunnel: Spray paint!

Naked as they came from the factory to something they probably never imagined:

From coconut milk to candle, who would have thought this would be possible?

This is just a colour transformation which i appreciate a lot. Back to simple with some neon!

I still have to improve my spray paint skills but i really love the amount of new possibilites that lay ahead.

Have a nice weekend everybody!

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Somethings hiding under my bed

Or at least it’s hiding under my bedding. A pot of milkrice is getting cozy and warm while soaking all the milk to be smooth and rich.

As a child i loved the combination with chocolate so i just made this desert even more nostalgic as it already was.

It’s a mess, but that’s exactly what it’s meant to be!

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There´s a monkey in my kitchen

It seems like my kitchen is more like a bakery at the moment so there’s a new recipe for you to share. I was talking to a friend about food blogs and cook books and all the other things kitchen nerds talk about. She told me about this bread which is perfect for brunch, teatime or whenever you need something sweet. It’s from smitten kitchen and you can find it here.

Then you cut it in 64 little pieces so you better have some help in the kitchen.

Finally after some time in the oven you’ll recieve what you wanted. Something sweet and fluffy.

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English Muffin



Once upon a time i spent some time in London and of course i went to the famous borough market.

I love being at borough market. Especially the food is georgous. So i tried this english muffin and the heidy pie. Yes, this is not your typical muffin but it´s called like it and looks more like a roll. Back at home i was lucky to find a recipe and had to try it out.

So there was some dough hidden under red apples waiting to raise.

There´s a lot of raising involved in this recipe so little balls spent more time on a baking sheet.


So what’s so special about english muffins? Maybe that they’re baked in a pan? And that they’re fluffy like clouds?

And then after all the waiting and raising and baking you’ll get this:


A delicious breakfast worth all the effort.

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Little helper

I have a soare throat and a bad cold. So i´m happy about this littler helper which make me feel better.

Im drinking tea, tea and more tea. Honestly i´m looking forward to the time where i can have a cup of tea for pleasure not to get healthy.

Of course water is one of the little helpers.

Hot water with lemon. Classic.

Yoghurt to cool it down.





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I already mentioned that i have quite a lot cookbooks and some of them look like this:

Lot´s of post-its that mark lot´s of mouth watering recipes. So today i stumbled about something which was in the waiting line for quite a long time. As there´s a time for everything today was time for this soup:

A brasilian coloured pepper party with red onions, tomatoes and lot´s of spice eventually led to this:

Please clap your hands for Jamies Astoria Soup!

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Hamburg Love





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Take away cake

Here they are, ready to go and to be eaten. Carrot cake and lemon poppy seed cake. To sad they´ll be gone soon. Say hello and wave goodbye!

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Little cake production

Today i spent some time in the kitchen vey busy baking little cakes. There´s a wedding with a picnic ahead so i thought about some sweets in marmelade jars.

As you can see there are some muffins of leftover dough which found their way to Hamburg.


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Stool recovery

There was this stool which i found on the street.

Although it looked used and a little bit wrecked i liked that it was a proof of stories it could tell.

Actually i just liked it till some time ago. Then i decided that this holes didn´t look as appealing as i thought anymore so they had to go.

So i did this:

Yes, you see white legs not the fixed holes, i just decided to give the whole stool a new look and spraypainted the legs white.

And here we are, white and blue.

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