Things i saw and things i ate

Today i was in cologne eating this little cake with raspberry and an indian spice called Ajowan. I never heard of it before , it tastes a little bit like thyme. There was such a sweet old lady in this sweet patisserie who brought some praline for herself. She told us that she is 90 years old although she didn´t look like this. Made me wonder if i will go to the candy store and buy sweets when i´m old.

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What do you want

 you find your new favourite music that you really can´t stop listening to. Or you find exactly the christmas decoration that you wanted without searching for it. While i´m a big fan of living a conscious and responsible life it´s good to let life just happens from time to time.



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hello mini pie


I think it´s quite obvious that a pie that is titled as the worlds best pie should be made more than often. Would be a shame otherwise. I don´t want to be blamed for neglecting this wonderful pie and enjoyed it for tea today. Made in little glasses they had exactly the right size. Filled with pear and marzipan they were the ideal company for homemade vanilla icecream.



Some shopping

We went shopping. In different countries. Look what we found.

My husband is back and the best!

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Kitchen Diary: Bretzel

While living in munich for 3 months, i used to have butter bretzel quite often. As i´m a big fand of all things handmade it was quite obvious to make bretzel at home. At least to give it try. Not every recipe is a killer. So my first attempt of bretzel baking produced something that was quite crunchy and tasteless. I´m not giving up and will keep you updated!

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Best Apple Pie


I’m sorry for the lack of posts but i’ve been busy eating apple pie. Unfortunately there was only today an apple pie on my plate but this one is the best i ever had. When i’m not busy eating pie i’m decorating this blog for christmas. This is not true as well. But there are changes that you will see very soon!

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Sultans Breakfast

I’m not that much in breakfast. Mainly because i’m not really hungry and because there’s not that much variety on my table. So when i remembered this oriental spread today my breakfast was saved.
Creamcheese, dates, curry and cumin noir are not for sultans only.

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First time

chicken soup from scratch. So time consuming and so healthy. Don´t know how often i will do that in the future. Especially if chicken soup needs chicken.


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Sew what ?!

Sometimes i just don´t know what to sew. And more than often i just end up with another bag because i want to have this two fabrics together forever. Sometimes i think i really have a great ground breaking idea just to realise that there are other ways that are much more easier than mine. For examples with zippers. But at least i tried. Now i know it better. That´s the reason why this bag has no zipper, but kind of a stretching fabric thing.

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Today to something completely different, i went into the woods. Yes without any baking and crafting. Just nature. I found some funny trees and here they are:

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