Sweet overkill

Yes it´s true, i had to much sweets this weekend. Right now i even don´t want to think about eating anything sweet ever again. Anyhow here are two sweet details who are kind of responsible for my dislike. Imported american popcorn with peanut butter and chocolate as well as mini coffee meringues from my mum. Savoury, where are you?

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Birthday bakery

One of the birthdays celebrated was mine so i had cake party yesterday. See for yourself what a great time we had. Thank you everybody for making this birthday so special and delicious!

Photos by Juliana. Thank you!

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hello handmade,

this blog is still alive although it didn´t look like it! There are birthdays and christmas parties ahead but i missed my blog. So hopefully there will be something to see for you soon. Today is just a sneak peak of a pillow cover which is going to be a present for a dear friend. So just a sneak peak. You know.


Better before

If you think a recipe is as easy as possible then you should be prepared that it could end worse than you would have imagined. Take this biscuits called Eye of the angel. Simple dough with marmelade, done. But what if the dough was too warm and is melting in the oven before the biscuits are ready? So there´s only a cookingtray full of dough and marmelade so you can hardly see where one biscuit ends? Sounds like biscuitheaven? It was not. Just a soft bulk of something you don´t want to eat. So today i´ll give you only the innocent before and some gingerbread bears.


Christmas things

Time flies by and it´s nearly christmas now. So yesterday we met some friends and were baking like crazy- Enough cookies for the next weeks. Or maybe just the next days, we´ll see.

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Work in progress

It´s december and gingerbread time. I´m still unsure about the decorating part but i glued it together so far. You´re probably as curious as i am. Stay tuned!

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Corners in my home

Things i learned today: Timbuktu which i often use for something as far as possible is a very dangerous city in africa. So maybe i should change my phrase into something more friendly. It makes me a little bit sad that i will probably never see Timbuktu. Hopefully i will see the land where pepper grows one day!

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Say hello

to the latest family addition: Our little bergamot tree! In case you have no clue what i´m talking about: It´s some kind of a citrus fruit. The oil in the bergamots skin is for example used in my favourite earl grey tea. It looks like a green orange but its taste is quite bitter and sour in a refreshing way. Now you wonder why i´m so excited. Just because i wanted a bergamot for quite a long time and because its such a special fruit. Simple as this.

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The return of cookie time

It´s the time of the season where every stove in the whole country is busy baking  cookies. So today this is what i made: Cookies. And i found a bergamot tree. Yes a bergamot tree. You´re probably not nearly excited as i am. But nevermind, i´m going to introduce you tomorrow. The little tree needs some sleep.

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a new customized cushion and a trip to the land of dollar and cent. Tomorrow it´s cookie time with my mum.

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