Viel Essen auf Reisen


Immerhin waren wir 3 Wochen unterwegs. Und überhaupt muss man ja was Essen. Geht gar nicht anders.



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Manchmal muss man etwas ausprobieren, um es danach anders zu machen. Deswegen geht es in diesem Blog hier auf deutsch weiter. Obwohl ich englisch wirklich sehr mag macht das Ganze nicht so wirklich Sinn im Moment. Und wer will schon sinnlose Sachen auf seinem Blog? Genau. Niemand. Passend dazu gibt es noch ein paar wenige Fotos von der letzten Reise in das englischsprachige Ausland. Schön war es in Amerika und Kanada. Wir haben wie immer viel gegessen, viel gesehen und uns einfach mal angepasst. Man muss ja nicht immer gesund essen.


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There´s a reason

for my absence, i´ve been in Paris for the first time last week. And i loved it! I love big cities although it takes some time to get a feeling of it´s heartbeat. A heartbeat with lots of great bakeries, cafes, culture, stories and beautiful things is definitely a beat i want to hear again. Back at home there are some citrus fruits waiting for some action. So here we go again in the home made mood.



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Cherry for pie

My mum is the best so she made a cherry pie for me cause i wanted one. It was delicious as it looked. I have a bergamot that fell off so i have to make something. We´ll see.

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Preserving lemons

I love the idea of preserving the things you love to have them at hand when you need them. Preserved lemons don´t seem to be the most required food in the daily kitchen routine, but they are used. For oriental and african dishes. I wanted to try this for ages so now i gave it a go and i´m waiting for the lemons to be ready. You´ll here from them.


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Making maccarons part 2

Today i´m very happy to announce that the maccaron making was a success. There are two ways to make maccarons, the french one is making an hot sugarsyrup which is poured over the beaten egg whites. Or you choose the italian way and skip the sugarsyrup. After our last kind of fail with the italian method we chose the easier way with the french. We´re getting closer to the perfect one. In case you´re wondering wether i used an invincible filling it´s chestnutbuttercream. So there will be more to come, hello maccaronplanet!

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Apples new life

I don´t really make new years resolutions but i have plans. One of them is to use the things i have more instead of buying and wasting. So when i found this poor old apples i knew there was a chance to give them a better life. I love applesauce so i just made it.

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Weekend things

Testing all sorts of softdrinks, eating great salad and baguette, playing and playing the same boardgame over and over again. Growing kefir. Just having fun. Tomorrow i´ll show you what i did today.

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Time for pancakes and drinks. And a nice lamp made of cupcake forms.

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Happy new year little blog,

we were hanging around between my birthday and new years eve. And then we got sick. But here´s the new year with things to eat, places to travel, people to meet and life to discover. Sounds like a good one. So help yourself with some tea and get ready for the journey!

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