Better before

If you think a recipe is as easy as possible then you should be prepared that it could end worse than you would have imagined. Take this biscuits called Eye of the angel. Simple dough with marmelade, done. But what if the dough was too warm and is melting in the oven before the biscuits are ready? So there´s only a cookingtray full of dough and marmelade so you can hardly see where one biscuit ends? Sounds like biscuitheaven? It was not. Just a soft bulk of something you don´t want to eat. So today i´ll give you only the innocent before and some gingerbread bears.

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One thought on “Better before

  1. ach wie süss sie einfach aussehen, die kleinen bärchen!! war cool mal live bei einer back- und fotosession dabei zu sein : )

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