Less is more, part 1

I´m a collector. So i have lot´s of things that are either nice or handy or they are just there. From time to time i just can´t stand that i have so much things and want my place to be light and airy and clutterless and nearly empty. But just from time to time. In the other time i love my things. Ok, most of it. So i thought about having just the the right amount stuff. And that i maybe don´t need everything i own. Then i found a book which just happens to deal with this topic: Getting rid of things you don´t need and live a lighter life. Maybe that sounds american and strange, but in my case it works. Why did i collect all this bags? Just in case someone would need one? This case rarely ever happens.

So i started my less is more project with this bags:

So these are all the bags that i kept. They are big and useful and i can really imagine to use them.

Another rule that i´m trying to bring to life is not too have more things than space. Sounds obvious but isn´t it true, that most of the people want to buy new furniture than get rid off their stuff?

So in my case there´s no more space for bags than in that big bag.After being successful with the bags, i should continue with my sewing things. Help!

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