Ice Cream Diary: Birthday ice


Icecram Diary: Sesame Love

Although the end of summer is near, there´s still time for icecream in this house. So i tried some flavour which i had in a great icecream bar in Hamburg: Sesame. After one big fail with a strange buttermilk mix there was great success today. Creamy and sesamy like it had to be. Hurray for homemade flavours!

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Ice Diary: Buttermilk Lemon

I love icecream. And i have an icecreammachine. So i´m playing that i´m a gelatohouse. Today we have as a special: Buttermilk Lemon. I tried a new recepie which has no eggs but cornstach in it. The icecream is as soft as i want it, but it tastes too much like creamcheese. Next time more buttermilk, less creamcheese. And now to something completely different: Roadtrip to Hamburg!

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