hello handmade,

this blog is still alive although it didn´t look like it! There are birthdays and christmas parties ahead but i missed my blog. So hopefully there will be something to see for you soon. Today is just a sneak peak of a pillow cover which is going to be a present for a dear friend. So just a sneak peak. You know.



a new customized cushion and a trip to the land of dollar and cent. Tomorrow it´s cookie time with my mum.

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Sew what ?!

Sometimes i just don´t know what to sew. And more than often i just end up with another bag because i want to have this two fabrics together forever. Sometimes i think i really have a great ground breaking idea just to realise that there are other ways that are much more easier than mine. For examples with zippers. But at least i tried. Now i know it better. That´s the reason why this bag has no zipper, but kind of a stretching fabric thing.

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Stool recovery

There was this stool which i found on the street.

Although it looked used and a little bit wrecked i liked that it was a proof of stories it could tell.

Actually i just liked it till some time ago. Then i decided that this holes didn´t look as appealing as i thought anymore so they had to go.

So i did this:

Yes, you see white legs not the fixed holes, i just decided to give the whole stool a new look and spraypainted the legs white.

And here we are, white and blue.

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Little lights

As the days are getting longer i put some oriental looking lightballs in a german jar. Still unsure about the colour of the light, but i like the look of the lamps.


Some late night sewing

Today i did some late night sewing. At least i tried. I´m so glad when I have my new sewing machine. Sorry for the old one, but she really messed up with me. Her own fault.

Here is what i could made though:

A little bag for little lady things.

And another one for what ever you want to put inside.

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Project paint: Scandinavian chair

I found this chair on the street. Not exactly on the street but someone decided to give it away. So I took it home with me cause i had plans full of colour for it. I spent some weeks of this summer in the countryside where i could paint and spray outside with a nice view.

See for yourself:



Please welcome some scandinavian atmosphere with this blue chair!

The dog loves it too, so everybody is happy!

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Project Paint: Greyblack

As i mentioned earlier, i love travelling to places that start with an I. Like Istanbul for exampel. So as i visited Istanbul this summer i saw this:

Ok, i saw this:

I have exactly the same tray from another trip to Israel. My tray is in its origin colour which was kind of silver. As i love red i immediately imagined to spraypaint my tray also in red. As i don´t live alone in my house i ended up with something different:


In the end i really love this colour choice. If i want i still can put something red on it. Hurray for spray paint!

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Project Paint: Pink

I love colours. I love little changes and i love pink. So i tried to get some drama with a little spray paint.

This little bag was made for the husbands earphones and other technique stuff.

And now to the pink experiment:

As i worked with a neon colour spray it´s a little bit tricky to capture the colour. I´m not really sure if this method really works on different surfaces, i´m not that happy as i would have expected. First try maybe other things will work better!

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