i had lots of fun with this nice lady. Still trying to get better with portrait photography.

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I´m still in the less is more mood. Still sewing so i thought about bying another better sewing machine. And then there was a pain in the neck so i could barely move. Hope it gets better soon. My sister in law just came and put on her magic hands. Hurray for magic hands sisters! Here are some pictures from the last summer.

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Greater things

are yet to come. Today was birthday day and we had big brunch at my mums house. Weekend here we come!

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a wedding in town so we did some shopping. I loved the shop which looked like it has been lost in another time. Huuray for temporary wedding planer and easy weddings!

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i thought it would be great to start the day with a little real life installation. Now off to some wedding shopping in Hamburg!



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Ice Diary: Buttermilk Lemon

I love icecream. And i have an icecreammachine. So i´m playing that i´m a gelatohouse. Today we have as a special: Buttermilk Lemon. I tried a new recepie which has no eggs but cornstach in it. The icecream is as soft as i want it, but it tastes too much like creamcheese. Next time more buttermilk, less creamcheese. And now to something completely different: Roadtrip to Hamburg!

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I love a lot of things and colours. Maybe cause i´m a kid of the 90´s there´s a big love for neon at the moment. And of course you can write much better with a pink pen. As i´m writing this neon post, the ice cream machine is doing it´s best to produce some new ice for the ice diary.

As i´m not living alone there was a request for a sourcream ice. That´s what you can see today. It´s not my favourite so i pimped it up with some elderflowerjam.

Today was such a monday. Why is that? Maybe i should start my weeks with thursday. Just to see what happens.

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Orange love

Yesterday i found some funny things at thrift store. Now the owl is acting as some kind of a motivation figure for the husband and the yellow thing is dancing when you touch it. And of course there´s a retro fabric which reminds that i love orange. Especially in combination with a light blue. Hurray for this duo!

In case you´re wondering: I´m sewing like there´s no tomorrow. Just because i like it.

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All new

I had this shirt with the dirty spots and a strange grey line from the sun. And i had this tablecloths, which were once white. They already spent some time somewhere not used, so i had an idea.

Maybe they would have a better life with another colour? So i got some fabric colour for the washing machine and followed the instructions.

Then i had to wait and used it for a nice lunch in bavarian tradition.

And then it was all new and blue. I´m actually really impressed that it worked out. I´m already thinking about other projects.

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